MVCAN Endorses Kimberly Ellis for CA State Democratic Party Chair

Why Kimberly Ellis?

MVCAN has taken the bold step of endorsing and working on behalf of a fresh, progressive candidate for the CA State Democratic Party Chair. Kimberly Ellis promises to set a new tone and tenor, as well as new priorities, for our political culture. Kimberly is as progressive as it gets on policy. Here are a few things she stands for:

  • Medicare For All
  • Collective bargaining rights for sharing economy workers
  • An immigration policy that stops the criminalization of communities of color and keeps families together
  • Eliminating for-profit prisons
  • Push back against municipal codes that criminalize poverty
  • Reform the commercial section of Prop. 13 and make California’s public colleges and universities free
  • Ban on fracking
  • Pay equity for women
  • Raising the level of women in the state legislature above the currently abysmal 22%

She also knows that women and people of color make up the vast majority of California’s electorate, yet they are significantly underrepresented in both our elected officials and the leadership of the California Democratic Party. We need a Democratic Party Chair who can both represent and inspire all Californians to become active participants in our vibrant, progressive party.

Why is this Race Important?

The Chair of the California Democratic Party is the official spokesperson for our Party, helps to guide the priorities and direction of our Party and raises the resources needed to advance our collective agenda to elect Democratic candidates all across California. Whether your passion is clean energy, reproductive justice, criminal justice reform, higher education, LGBT rights, or universal preschool, there is a direct connection between our elected Democratic officials and the policy and legislation they are shaping that impact every aspect of our daily lives. It matters who we have at the table. It matters who we have leading our Party. Kimberly is the leader we need to lead the California Democratic Party at this moment in time.

Here’s How Kimberly Walks the Walk:

For the last seven years, Kimberly has been the executive director of Emerge California, an organization that identifies, trains, and encourages democratic women to run for office, get elected, and seek higher office. Kimberly’s commitment to diversifying the state’s political landscape to become truly and authentically reflective of its electorate can be seen in the Emerge alumnae: 56% are women of color. For her work with Emerge California, Kimberly was awarded the Annie M. Powell Community Leadership Award by the Global Arts and Education and Women’s Intercultural Network in celebration of International Women’s Day. Currently, she serves on the Finance Committee and as the Recording Secretary for the African American Caucus of the California Democratic Party.

Who is Kimberly?

Kimberly has lived in the Golden State for more than 20 years, is married with two children and resides in the San Francisco Bay Area. Born in Chattanooga, Tennessee, to a career military officer, Ellis traveled across the country throughout her childhood, attending nine schools in six different states and two countries. She attended and graduated from Antilles High School on Fort Buchanan in San Juan, Puerto Rico, and holds a bachelor’s degree in English from Jacksonville University as well as a juris doctorate from John F. Kennedy School of Law, Harvard University.

Who Votes for the California Democratic Party Chair?

The California Democratic Party Chair is elected every four years at the first meeting of the California Democratic Party held immediately following the conclusion of a presidential election year. All statewide officers including the Chair shall be elected by the entire membership of the party, the Democratic State Central Committee Delegates.  The Democratic State Central Committee (DSCC) Delegates are either elected or selected through a complex mechanism that you can learn more about here.

MVCAN Kimberly Ellis Fundraiser

On April 18, MVCAN is hosting Kimberly at an evening event where she will address our group on the issues outlined above and more. She will also take questions and have time afterwards to just mingle and do the “selfie” thing. You can be a part of this initial MVCAN endorsing event by getting involved and/or attending. This opportunity is being sponsored by both the Women’s Issues Team and the Electoral Team. If you want to lend a hand, please contact either Leigh Ann Townsend or Eileen Fisher. We can use your help, even if it’s to just circulate our invitation among your network of friends and contacts.

RSVP to the fundraiser here:

RSVP to the fundraiser here:

Photos: Kimberly Ellis, Seager Gray Gallery

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