Call the Senate Intelligence Committee about Russian Hacking

The Senate Intelligence Committee announced that it will review Russian meddling in the 2016 election and will include a look at any intelligence “regarding links between Russia and individuals associated with political campaigns.”

Call the Senate Intelligence Committee members to express support for the investigation.

SCRIPT: Thank you for announcing an investigation of Russian meddling in the 2016 election. The probe must fully investigate Russia’s hacking of our election and Trump and his campaign’s connection with the Russians. That cannot be understood until the full extent of Trump’s business and personal dealings with Russia are revealed.

Can I count on Senator ________ to make sure the investigation is bi-partisan and exhaustive, and includes a subpoena of Donald Trump’s officials?



*Richard Burr North Carolina, Chair 202-224-3154

Jim Risch, Idaho 202-224-2752

Marco Rubio, Florida 202-224-3041

*Susan Collins, Maine 202-224-2523

Roy Blunt, Missouri 202-224-5721

James Lankford, Oklahoma 202-224-5754

Tom Cotton, Arkansas 202-224-2353

John Cornyn, Texas 2934


*Mark Warner, Virginia, Vice Chairman 202-224-2023

*Dianne Feinstein, California 202-224-3841

Ron Wyden, Oregon 202-224-5244

Martin Heinrich, New Mexico 202-224-5521

Angus King, Maine 202-224-5344

Joe Manchin, West Virginia 202-224-3954

*Kamala Harris, California 202-224-3553


Thank you, MVCAN, for this action.